Sculpture Photography by Wayne Smith, Ventura, CA  


Theodore T. Gall began his career in the arts in the mid-sixties as an animator for teaching films and continued to broaden his skills as a graphic designer. Gall has worked in metal since his early days as an artist. Although his work has not been limited to the human form, it has been his primary focus throughout his career. His compelling figures are most often placed in thought-provoking situations. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art and has shared his expertise with students at the Clay People in Chicago, The Northshore Art League in Winnetka, Illinois, and the Ojai Art Center in Ojai, California. Gall has exhibited and garnered awards throughout the country and is acquiring a burgeoning international clientele.


"This exhibition highlights recent, small-scale bronze and stainless steel works by Ojai artist, Ted Gall, whose career has national repute. His sculpted figures and heads are not only a tribute to his technical expertise in the lost wax casting process and patination, but also a tribute to his keen psychological insight and ability to engage through wit and punning twists."   Carnegie Museum
Oxnard, California

"It's much more interesting and powerful than other metal sculptures being developed here and nationally because of that personal point of view. His whole scope and his facility with style, symbolism, and metaphor is unique."   Gerd Koch, Artist and Curator at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Cal State, Channel Islands

"His imagination is limitless, and he puts it down in physical form. You walk through his studio and see his themes are so universal. I look at it and say, hey that's me." Donna Granata, Executive Director, Focus on the Masters